No vehicles will be permitted on any grass area for any set-up requirements.

Self-contained food trucks and/or trailers are only permitted in booth locations #1 to #69.

For #1 to #69, you are only reserving an area on Park Road, not a specific booth location. Vendors will be staged by staff on a first come first served basis on assigned set-up day. Instructions will be sent at a later date.

Only electric permitted (1) 120 volt load at no more than 2000 watts per booth. 220 service is available on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee.

Vendor final instructions and your parking pass will be mailed 2 weeks prior to the event to the address provided on this application. Please notify us if this address is different/changes.

Booths 1-69, set up instructions will be emailed separately. These spaces, because of location, cannot be set up on Friday or Saturday. No cars, truck, trailers in booth #100-1017.

Booth Set-up Timeframes: PLEASE NOTE breakdown times. Sunday is preferred.

  • Wednesday, July 8th: Setup hours are between 3pm – 6pm ONLY.

  • Thursday, July 9th: Setup hours are between 9am – 2pm ONLY. Event begins 4pm. Disassembly prohibited until Friday morning from 9am to 2pm.

  • Friday, July 10th: Setup hours are between 9am – 2pm ONLY. Event begins 4pm. Disassembly prohibited until Saturday after fireworks. NO GUEST SERVICES will be available to help. Vehicles prohibited until midnight. 

  • Saturday, July 11th: NO SETUP ALLOWED. Event begins 1pm. Disassembly permitted 6pm - 8pm ONLY. NO VEHICLES ALLOWED until 1am. Vendor services are available first come, first served only.

No cars/trucks will be allowed to any booth location within 1 hour of event start times. 

Booth space is exactly 10 feet by 10 feet. If you have a tent or trailer that exceeds this dimension, you will not fit into this space. (If you buy a 10’ x 20 space for an 18 ft. trailer with a 3ft. hitch, you will not fit into 20 ft. space, and will be asked to remove your trailer without refund.)  

Vendors must behave in a professional manner at all times. Any vendor that exhibits rude behavior and/or profanity towards event staff will be asked to leave the event without refund. CTCC reserves the right to deny any business from purchasing a booth due to unprofessional behavior.

Mascots, raffles, 50/50’s, handouts, or coupons can only occur within 2 feet in FRONT of your booth. Roaming the park for collections, selling, or distribution of hand out material is not permitted. Distribution of free promotional items is permitted, excluding food items. Please help prevent others from doing so by reporting it to CTCC/Township personnel. 

If you are going to leave garbage or create a high use of garbage space during the event, you need to let us know in advance of your arrival for garbage pick-up arrangements. You will be charged for removal of garbage left behind. 

Water is only available by buckets. No hose connections. 

All booth pricing includes one parking pass. A second pass can be purchased for $25.  

Parking passes MUST be displayed to prevent your car from being towed.  Cars without a permit will be towed. No parking on the roadways, near booths, etc. All vehicles must park in designated parking lots.


Refunds: No refunds after June 1, unless your booth is resold to another vendor. No refunds for rain or weather delays. Absolutely NO refunds after July 1 for cancellations for any reasons.

All booths in all sections are filled on a first come, first served basis. We do regulate the quantity and/or type of vendors that will participate. An updated list of vendors is available on our web site for your review. If booths sell out, your name will be placed on a waitlist.  

Your payment for a booth acknowledges that any photos or videos taken during this event can be used by CTCC & Cranberry Township for publication and promotion.

Every attempt will be made to honor your booth space location once confirmed but CTCC reserves the right to move you to another booth location.  

CTCC & Cranberry Township assumes no liability for damage or injury or loss of property. Exhibitor is responsible to carry insurance for their property.

Pets & animals are not permitted anywhere in the park or at your booth by ordinance of Cranberry Township. This is strictly enforced. All animals required for your booth must have written permission given by CTCC. Please have this permission letter on you as you will be asked for proof of permission if you have an animal. If you do not have the letter with you, you will have to remove the pet. This letter must remain with your booth at all times.

No verbal agreements are accepted. Only written agreements signed by both parties will be accepted should changes be required.   

CTCC Community Days may collect parking donations, parking fees and/or charge an entrance fee. There is a fee to ride the carnival. 

No generators allowed.

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