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2022 Community Days Rules & Regulations

  • Vendor Booking:

    • Spaces are exactly 10’x10’ and 10’x20’. If your tent, truck or trailer (including hitch) exceeds these dimensions, it will not fit into the space and will be removed without refund. Please purchase additional adjoined booth spaces if your food truck or trailer is over 10’x10’.

    • Park Road Booths (#1 - #57):

      • Self-contained food trucks and/or trailers are only permitted in booth locations #1 to #57.

      • Booth locations #9 to #35 only reserve a space on Park Road, not a specific booth location. Vendors will be staged by staff on a first-come, first-serve basis on assigned setup day (Wednesday). These spaces, because of location, cannot be set up on Friday or Saturday.

    • Electric Booth Spaces: Only electric permitted (1) 120 volt load at no more than 2000 watts per booth.

    • Cars, trucks, and trailers are prohibited at booth locations #58 to #248.

    • Every attempt will be made to honor preferred booth space locations once confirmed. CTCC reserves the right to move vendor booths to another location at the discretion of CTCC.

    • Vendors must be prepared for inclement weather. There is no rain date, and no refunds given in the event of inclement weather. Vendors must provide their own tent, table, chairs, signage, booth displays, etc.


  • Vendor Parking:

    • Booth pricing includes two parking passes that will be mailed after July 1 to the address provided on application.

    • No vehicles will be permitted in Red Lot Vendor Parking without a parking pass.

    • Parking passes must be displayed to prevent cars from being towed.

    • Vendor Services will only be available to haul items to vendor booths from the Red Lot Vendor Parking.

    • Vendors with more than 2 vehicles must park in guest parking lots (blue, green and orange lots).

    • No parking on the roadways, near booths, etc. All vehicles must park in designated parking lots.


  • Vendor Services:

    • Shuttle service to haul vendor items to/from booth is only available from Red Lot Vendor Parking.

    • Vendor Services is not available from any other designated parking lot.

    • Vehicles are prohibited on all grass areas for any setup requirements.

    • Booth Breakdown: Vendor Services will ONLY be available to assist with breakdown hauling on Saturday, July 16 between 6 – 8 PM.


  • Vendor Setup Schedule:

    • Traffic Flow: Vendors must enter Community Park at Ernie Mashuda Drive, check in at the Info Booth, drive down Park Road where you will unload your vehicle quickly and immediately move vehicle to Red Lot Vendor Parking. Do not begin setting up your booth until your vehicle is moved off Park Road.

    • Wednesday, July 13: PARK ROAD VENDOR SETUP ONLY between 9 AM – 3 PM. Vendors will be placed in the order they arrive - First-come, first-served. No vendor services this day.

    • Thursday, July 14: Setup between 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM with Park Road access (All Vendors). Park Road will close promptly at 1pm. Vendors arriving after 1pm must go directly to Red Vendor Lot for vendor services available between 1pm-8pm.  Event runs 4 - 10 PM. Park Road will be closed Thursday July 14 at 1:00 PM and will remain closed until 1:00 AM Sunday July 17 morning.

    • Friday, July 15: Setup beginning at 1:00 PM until 8:00 PM from Red Vendor Lot ONLY (No access on Park Road). Event runs 4 - 11 PM.

    • Saturday, July 16: Setup beginning at 11:00 AM from Red Vendor Lot ONLY (No access on Park Road).
      Event runs 1 - 11 PM.

  • Vendor Breakdown Schedule:

    • Thursday & Friday: No breakdown services available.

    • Saturday, July 16: Breakdown available with Vendor Services between 6 PM – 8 PM

      • Vendors must sign up on Saturday at CTCC Info Booth and will service vendors beginning at the top of the list at 6:00 PM. Vendor Services will arrive at booth location between 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Reserving exact time for pickup services is not available. If you request breakdown services, your booth must be packed up and ready to be carted to your vehicle by 6:00 PM. If you are not ready when vendor services arrive, you will forfeit your place in line and will not be guaranteed assistance.
        Vendor Services will NOT be available after 8PM.

      • Vendors may breakdown after fireworks display has ended (no services available). Vehicles prohibited on Park Road until 1 AM.

    • Sunday, July 17: Breakdown between 9 – 11 AM.


Additional Information:

  • No refunds will be given starting June 1 for any reason other than cancellation of the 2022 Community Days event due to federal and state COVID mandates.

  • Vendors selling non consumable alcohol during the event must complete the Alcohol Permit Non-Consumable Sales form and deliver it to the Municipal Center Parks & Rec Office with valid ID and $50 permit fee.

  • Vendors must always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Any vendor that exhibits unacceptable behavior and/or profanity towards event staff at any point will be asked to leave the event without refund.

  • CTCC & Cranberry Township assumes no liability for damage or injury or loss of property. Vendors are responsible for carrying insurance for their property and protecting any and all valuables.

  • Mascots, raffles, 50/50’s, handouts, or coupons can only occur within 5 feet in front of the booth. Roaming the park for collections, selling, or distribution of material is not permitted. Non-food vendors are prohibited from distributing food and drink items. Please help prevent others from doing so by reporting it to CTCC/Township personnel.

  • Vendors who create a high use of trash during the event or plan to leave trash are required to make pick-up arrangements in advance. Vendors will be charged for removal of trash left behind.

  • Water is only available by buckets. No hose connections. Generators may be used only in self-contained food trucks/trailers located on Park Road booth #9 through #35 and must be approved by Community Days coordinator. If generator causes any noise or safety complaints during event, vendor will be required to shut it down. No additional electric will be provided other than what is included on booth rental (electric provided (1) 120 volt load at no more than 2000 watts per booth).

  • Pets and animals are not permitted anywhere in the park or at any booth location by ordinance of Cranberry Township. This is strictly enforced. All animals required by the vendor must have written permission given by CTCC and this letter must be available during the event for verification. If letter is not present during the event, the pet must vacate the premise.

  • CTCC may collect parking donations, parking fees and/or charge an entrance fee. There is a fee to ride the carnival.

  • No verbal agreements are accepted. Only written agreements signed by both parties will be accepted should changes be required.

  • Payment for a booth acknowledges that any photos or videos taken during this public event can be used by CTCC & Cranberry Township for publication and promotion in print, online, social media, video-based marketing, and advertising materials without compensation.

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