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Vendor FAQs

  1. What type of vendors attend?

    1. We accept all types of vendors: handmade, small business, nonprofit, food, drink, business, etc. Alcohol/Wine vendors are not permitted as of 2024 unless part of the Rotary Craft Ale & Wine Garden.

  2. Do I have to be a Cranberry Township organization to participate?

    1. No – all vendors are welcome!

  3. Can I sell my product?

    1. Yes - all vendors are permitted to sell products.

  4. Who attends the event?

    1. Attendees are not limited to Cranberry residents. We welcome guests from all over the region and surrounding states and all ages!

  5. What time does Community Days run?

    1. The carnival, live music, and booths are open Thursday, July 11 from 4-10pm, Friday, July 12 from 4-11pm, and Saturday, July 13 from 1-11pm. Vendors are allowed to close when it best suits them.

  6. Does my booth need to be open all 3 days?

    1. We prefer to have our vendors available during operating hours, however, we understand it is a lot to cover especially if you have a location already open that day. You are welcome to come and go as you are available; however, discounts will not be granted if you cannot attend all 3 days.

  7. Can I leave my tent, tables, etc. overnight?

    1. Yes - Event security will be onsite during the event and overnight. We recommend lowering your tent and securing items for potential weather.​

  8. Is there Wi-Fi in the Park?

    1. Yes – Wi-Fi is available in the park thanks to Armstrong. 

  9. Can I sign up to be a vendor during the event?

    1. No – Vendors must register online or via mail-in form by June 1 to be included as a vendor.

  10. What is the deadline to register as a vendor?

    1. June 1, 2024

  11. Is there a vendor waitlist if the event is sold out?

    1. Yes - please click here if you would like to be on the vendor waitlist if space becomes available on short notice.

  12. What happens if it rains?

    1. The show will go on! There is no rain date. The event is rain or shine.

  13. I am no longer able to make it. Can I get a refund?

    1. Refunds are only given until June 1.

  14. Do you accept wine or alcohol vendors?

    1. No - the only alcohol permitted in the park is through the Rotary Craft Ale & Wine Garden.

  15. Does my booth have access to electric?

    1. Only certain booths have access to electric. Make sure you select a booth with electric if you need access. Electric is limited to one, 120v plug. Vendor must bring 50ft+ extension cord. If you require 220v provisions, you must contact us before registering.

  16. Can I bring/use my generator?

    1. Generators may be used only in self-contained food trucks/trailers on Park Road and must be quiet.

  17. When can I set up?

    1. Setup begins on Wednesday, July 10 from 9a-3p and Thursday from 9a-1p.  Review the Vendor Rules & Regulations for more information.

  18. When can I tear down?

    1. Saturday, July 13. Review the Vendor Rules & Regulations for more information.

  19. Where should I park?

    1. Click Here to view the Parking Map​. Vendors should park in the Red Lot accessible via Progress Ave.

  20. Can I drive to my booth?

    1. Vendors can only drive on Park Road Wednesday and Thursday until 1pm. Park Road will be closed at 1pm Thursday until 1am Sunday, July 14. No driving on the grass. Vendor Services is available from the Red Vendor Lot only and will cart items to you booth.

  21. What is Vendor Service?

    1. Vendor services are volunteers who drive golf carts from the Red Vendor Parking Lot only to vendor booth spaces so you do not have to haul items by foot. For more information, view Vendor Rules & Regulations.

  22. I never received my vendor packet/parking pass.

    1. Packets will be mailed out at the end of June. Email if you do not receive it by July 5.

  23.  I have multiple staff attending and need more than 1 parking passes.

    1. Due to limited vendor parking space, no additional passes will be available. Provide parking pass to staff who will have restocking/booth items in their vehicle as Vendor Services is only available from the Red Vendor Parking Lot which requires a visible parking pass displayed. Limited due to space. All other guest parking is free with shuttles available.

  24. Is there security?

    1. Yes – overnight security will be on site, along with daily coverage by the Cranberry Township Police Department

  25. Can I have my mascot on site?

    1. Yes – we welcome mascots and characters to hang out at your booth location. Mascots are only permitted to roam the park on Saturday, July 13 from 2-4pm.

  26. Can I bring a game to interact with guests?

    1. Yes – we encourage you to bring an interactive game at your booth!

  27. Will my competitors be there?

    1. CTCC does not limit the types of businesses in attendance, however, we do our best to make sure that competitors booths are not close by.

  28. Can I bring my pet?

    1. No – No pets are permitted unless it is a service animal or you have a pet permit from CTCC. If your organization is designed around pets (i.e. animal shelter), please email or receive a permit to have pets on site.

  29. What does Community Days support?

    1. Community Days is CTCC’s largest fundraising event of the year! All funds support the Project of the Year. Learn more at

If you have additional questions, email us at

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