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2020-2021: Rotary Amphitheater 

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CTCC’s 2020 Project of the Year is a local favorite, Community Park’s Rotary Amphitheater. This stage has welcomed hundreds of performers and thousands of fans over its 17-year existence, and it has taken a toll on the facility. Essential for Community Days, free park events and concerts, and event rentals, we knew we had to restore the facility to its full glory. Fundraising for this $300,000 project is ongoing.

The sound of music was replaced by hammers at the Rotary Amphitheater in Community Park in mid-summer. The 17-year old structure underwent the first phases of a major renovation thanks to the Cranberry Township Community Chest, which chose the stage as its Project of the Year for 2020. New electric lines were laid, the roofline was upgraded, and ADA accessibility was improved. A new sound system and upgraded dressing rooms are on the way. Once completed, it will improve the experience for events like Community Days, Movies in the Park and other theater productions. While that work continues, fundraising for the project has only reached intermission. More funding is needed after the invitation to donate was ceased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CTCC will focus on closing the funding gap in 2021 in lieu of naming a new project of the year.“ This is an important project and has the ability to impact every Township resident, whether they or their families perform on the stage or simply enjoy entertainment from the lawn,” said Wendy Lydon, CTCC Board of Directors. “We want to make sure this community asset continues to be an integral part of our residents’ lives. ”To honor that bond between art and the community, CTCC will construct a Giving Tree on the Amphitheater’s exterior wall. Each leaf of the tree can be sponsored, whether it be in memory of someone or from a family who has spent many summer nights enjoying the space.

Thank you to our Rotary Amphitheater Donors:

Cranberry Township Community Chest


Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust

Cranberry Township Noon Rotary

Cranberry Township Sunrise Rotary

FirstEnergy Foundation

Butler Eagle

Fun Fore All

Bruce & Conni Mazzoni

Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau

Friends of the David Anthony Rocco Family

Robert E. Pearce

Duane Winterbottom

Jim & Karen Larrimer

McClymonds, Mansfield, Cal Families 

Allan & Janet TeDesco

Michael J. Warrington

Cranberry Township Area Lions Club

Jody Clark - Compression Management Service

Karen & Rich Newpol

Christine Kosentos

Jerry & Jan Andree 

Cannon USA Inc.

Bonnie & Jay Carmichael

In memory of Samantha Condrick

Ken & Cindy Fleeson

Genaway Family - Jeramy, Krysten, Piper, Payden & Preston

Jamie, Laura, Chase & Natalie Thomas

Jeremy, Mary, Luke, Elise & Clara Jarrell

Kim Reuss

Lion Karl Koebler

John Wolfe

Linda & Brian Heery

Christina Hickey

The Hezlep Family

Paul & Dorothy Kotsenas

Jim & Gretchen Moran

Andrew & Ashley O'Neill

Michael D. Patsy

Michael & Victoria Peuler

Janice Sabatine

Edward & Deann Scherer

Rachael Sepcic

Cindy Tananis

Craig & Judy Wehr

Tracy & John Geyer

Mr. & Mrs. William McPeek

Roger & Michelle Myers

Jane Paul

Ray & Donna Renyck

Richard & Susan Smolen

Steven Marino

William & Deborah Billeter

Dawn & Scott Abbate

Francis & Tiffany Aloi

Mike & Maxine Botti

Clyde & Sherry Cameron

Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter

Charles & Diana Kratz & Family

Christopher, Laura, Maxwell, Weston & Elijah Goossen

Ronald W. Deemer 

Jeff & Valarie Diamond

The Dudash Family

Roger & Diane Dunlap

The Ekstam Family

Eric, Colleen, Bridget & Brendan Culley 

Larry & Laura Fine

Franklin Blackstone, Jr., Rotarian 1979-2001 

Dick & Mary Jane Hadley 

Paul Hayden Family

Larry & Janet Heckathorn 

The Helinski Family

In memory of Mary Lou & John Laslavic 

John & Charlene Ingham

The Kaunert Family

Terry Klein

Judge David T. Kovach 

Paul & Kathy Kozmin

Judy Kravec 

Brad & Beth Lauer

Wendy Lydon

P.J. Lynd Tax Collector

William C. Marsh & Family 

Martin W. McKinney Jr. & Family 

Eric & Cindy Marzock

In memory of Denny Mason 

TJ Maxx

Joseph & Christina Morascyzk

Tim & Jill Moriarity

Marlo A. Nascone-Stivison

Ron & Sharon Pasniewski 

Barry & Laurie Pile

The Priester Family 

Vince & Jane Profeta

The Roczko Family 

Dan & Kellie Jo Santoro

The Schulte Family

Scott, Kathleen, Matthew & Steven Decker

Jamie & Judy Shearer

Michele & Jim Skubak

George & Linda Starosta 

Patricia J. Staskowicz

Tom & Becky Stellar 

Matthew & Charlotte Tessaro 

The Newtons - Bob, Stacey, Madisen, Meranda 

Hannah T. VDH 

Linda & Brian Weimer

Bob & Dolly Whittington

Charles D. Gerdes Sr.

Tom & Barb McCarthy

Bob & Terry Pearce 

Rich, Rosemary, Sean & Patrick McCarthy 

John & Pam Uthman

Karen Haluck


Daniel & Mary C. Dillon

Bruce & Maureen Golmic

Rev./Mrs. Jim & Joyce Gascoine

Kim & Bob Geyer

Michael Zachery Wagner

Peter Breski

Karen/Joe Kane/Agnello

Thomas & Lisa Aubel

Sheila Aykent

Ted & Jackie Batt

Mark Beighey

Bob & Judi Boren

Kathleen G. Boykin

Anthony & Catherine Camut

Paul & Sherry Chmara

John & Susan Clark

Madelin Clements

Robert & Marilyn Egan

Freedom Enterprises

David & Jennifer Kochis Family

Shawn & Meghan Firster

Craig Fitzgerald

Chris Gongas

Ryan Good

Tim & Geralynn Holt

Dan & Lori Jones

Karen Kane

Alick Kennedy

Ted Kerr

Timothy J. Kuhlman

Angela Langill

Cottington LuAnn

Bill & Rita Mack

Joe & MaryBeth Maddalon

Brian & Jenna Markham

Jean S. McLaughlin

Rita Morris

M. Agnes Peebles

Scott, Shawna, Sophie & Simona Peters

Amy Riley

Phil & Jan Rogers

Michael Schrock

Gloria Secchi

Jim & Ann Tanda

Stephen Williams

Gregg & Sue Fiorina

Dr. Bernard Geiser

Mary & Richard Ward

Jane Fiedler

David & Judy Taylor

Kathryn Uthman

Karen Ferry

United Way of Southwestern PA

Paul & Kelly Boscarino

Pete Geis

Zygmunt Gerry & Joel

Kerry & Chuck Niederriter

Rick & Sherri Oehmler

Lisa Patrick

Mary M. Tappe

Charles Bossong

Eugene Brown

Steve & Sharon Brunish

Tim & Debbie Butler

Peter D. Carcaise

James & Natalie Carroll

Edward Catozella

Tami Crognale

Rocco & Diane Dalonzo

Bonnie Davis

Pindroh Family

Royden & Dahlia Grove

Earl & Marsha Heddle

Ray & Kathy Hensler

Paul & Amy Hoyt

Joanne Ignatenko

Greg & Lorri Jordan

Kevin & Jennifer Koken

Weyman Landscaping

Frank & Joanne Librich

Barbara K. MacDonald

Bob & Tina Marshall

Patricia J. Martin

Mike & Lori McGoogan

Mark Meanor

Arlene R. Miller

Cynthia & John Paules

Jeffrey Peskowitz

Mary M. Plut

Bill & Marie Price

Jean B. Purvis

Christine Rohde

Dianne Rotz

Betsy Shook

Susan & Frank Smorul

Judith Valosio

Linda Ziegler

Charles Digruttolo

Natalie Karroll

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Betsch

Regina Betsch

Robert Lee Ferry

Alice Fiedler

In memory of Charles D. Gerdes

George & Marlene Lutz

Chi Ho

David & Susan Hyser

John W. Mazetti

John Manzetti

Kelly Edwards

Mary Rogers Lemke

Patrick & Joyce Andreone

Anthony & Angela Baker

Thomas M. & Patricia Cully

Brian Dillemuth

Steve & Michelle DiTommaso

Mark & Debbie Faix

Lynne Falco

Charlotte Fuechslin

Arleen & Steve Gaydos

Robert & Susan Gillenberger

Oksana Glotova

Lynne Graham

Bill & Lynn Graper

Deborah Guillow

Karen M Herbst

Regis Kuntz

James & Shirley Mahr

Marilyn & Jim Massimino

Dorothy Meeder

Joanne Melder

Lee Morehouse

Charles Moury

Eileen Murphy

Maija & Kyle Reidel

Howard & Virginia Russell

Michael & Linda Sahayda

John & Judy Stecklow

Kurt Steinbach

Debra Stetor

Helen & Frank Todd

Melanie Towne

Rob & JoAnn Westover

Paul R. Woods

Geralynn Hood-Holt

Jennifer Lutz

Eugene & Corina Taylor

Michael DeLeo

Dana DeVyver

Barbara Gianfrancesco

Cindy Lisiak

Kenneth Merz

Sandra Poremski

Mark Ruston

Frank Vioral

Richard P. Witney

Gregory Vecchi

Harry Hoover

Daniel Mitchell

Gloria Virostek

Petar & Gordana Kodic

Margaret & James Zirpoli

Anonymous Donors

Cranberry Artists Network

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