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About CTCC

The purpose of CTCC is to unite into one organization all the civic and charitable activities working for the welfare and improvement of Cranberry Township.

Though the Cranberry Township Community Chest’s branches are still budding, the organization has deep roots in the community. The concept of an organization created to raise funds for the betterment of the community was initially presented in 1976, when Cranberry was a rural community of roughly 7,500 people.

The Cranberry Rotary led by Frank Petrone sought to create an organization that took responsibility to raise money for the fire company, library, and ambulance services. Rather than three volunteer organizations running separate fundraisers, CTCC would operate one large effort and split the money between the organizations.

Rotarians drove mailbox to mailbox to drop off envelopes announcing the plan, along with donation envelopes. More than 75% of the community donated to that initial drive.

By 2005, Cranberry had grown to a community of more than 20,000 people. As growth occurred, so did new funding mechanisms for the fire company, library, and EMS.

However, a need for fundraising efforts remained. With the creation of The Cranberry Plan, the community and Township discovered a decline in non-profit and civic organization involvement. Members of the Plan committee determined a single entity would be helpful in organizing and encouraging residents and businesses to get involved.

CTCC, which had been inactive and on the brink of disbanding, became that entity. A new 15-member Board was elected – including Petrone, a founding member of the original Community Chest. A new set of by-laws was created as the roadmap for CTCC’s new mission, including:

  • Encouraging residents and businesses to volunteer, donate, or join with a non-profit or civic group to improve the community.

  • Promoting those non-profits and civic groups through various avenues.

  • Encouraging new investments in the community that improve the quality of life.

More than 47 years after its initial creation and with more than a dozen major Projects of the Year under its belt, CTCC has become the glue that holds Cranberry’s volunteering sector together. And with the community still growing, there remains a commitment to finding new, creative ways to make Cranberry an even better place to live, work, and play.

CTCC Board of Directors: Jerry Andree (President) Bruce Mazzoni (Vice President), Debbie Crum, Cindy Marzock, Conni Mazzoni, Karen Newpol, Taylor O'Dair, Kimberly Reuss, Joe Taylor, Roy Wagner

2022 Annual Impact Report

2022 Impact Report.png

We Believe in our Four Pillars of Community:

Nonprofits, Business, Faith Communities, and Civic Groups

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Our Mission

Impact Report

Take a look into a year of giving in the annual Impact Report. Highlighting groups that care and are committed to making Cranberry a great place to live, work, and play.  The information in this report highlights the real, tangible and long-lasting impact CTCC has on the Township.

2021 Impact Report.png
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Our Vision

Engage: Create a “Sense of Community” by engaging residents and businesses to volunteer and become active in nonprofit and civic organizations.

Membership: Help promote and increase membership in nonprofit and civic organizations in Cranberry Township.

Support: Support new community projects and services, create volunteer opportunities for our residents, and help raise funds to support applications for funding.

Growth: To continually grow the CTCC Legacy Endowment by investing ten percent (10%) of CTCC revenue each year at the conclusion of  Community Days into the CTCC Legacy Fund with The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Working together to build a better Cranberry.

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