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Project of the Year

Every year, CTCC works with residents and the Township to identify a community project for all to enjoy. CTCC assists with funding campaigns, project coordination, promotion, and more.


Why should you support the Project of the Year?

  • These wonderful community assets are enjoyed by people of all ages now and for generations to come!

  • The Projects add value to our community, homes, and quality of life.

  • CTCC is an all-volunteer organization. Every penny goes toward the funding of Projects of the Year.

  • Projects of the Year support a strong sense of community. 


Check out the projects we have completed over the last 12 years below.

22051-HRG Cranberry_Aerial-4_dc.jpg

As the Cranberry Township Community Chest 2024 Project of the Year, Armstrong has stepped up with a financial commitment to help tie the Municipal Center to the rest of the community by creating a pedestrian friendly shared space that is being dubbed (for now) the Great Lawn.

Past Projects

Makerspace for Cranberry Today Jan 2022 (45).JPG

2019 Forge Ahead - Library Makerspace & Innovation

Drone Images (39).JPG

2016 Miracle League Resurfacing & Playground

Kids Castle Old Pics (172).jpg

2013 Kids Castle Playground in Community Park

Kids Castle Ribbon Cutting - 05-25-2023 (11).JPG

2022 Kids Castle Refresh &


Disc Golf Tour Clinic - 09-07-2022 (1).JPG

2018 North Boundary Disc Golf Course & Nature Trail

First Safety Trailer

2015 Volunteer Firefighter Training Trailers

Scouting Monument Groundbreaking Ceremony 2011 (13).JPG

2012 Centennial Scouting Plaza & Fishing Pond

Butler Symph. 6-30-22 - Jessie (17).JPG

2020-2021 Rotary Amphitheater Renovation

Drone Images (157).jpg

2017 SportCourts & Community Garden in Graham Park

Fitness Stations (20).JPG

2014 Fitness Stations in Cranberry's

Public Parks

Comm Sign Comcast Install 2020 (1).JPG

2011 Cranberry Community Information Board

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