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Supporting our non-profit members is a crucial part of our mission. Let's help each other flourish in our communities. Benefits of membership include a reduced rate for the electronic Community Sign, access to CTCC grants, social media promotion, and increased visibility through events like the Cranberry Tree Gallery.

We are here
for you.

Membership Requirements

Must be 501(c)(3)

Your organization must be recognized as a nonprofit by the IRS.

Cranberry Area

Your organization must provide a benefit to Cranberry Township at large.


Your organization must possess a written non-discrimination policy.

  • Churches, religious groups, or educational organizations such as pre-schools etc., are not eligible for CTCC membership.

  • The CTCC board reserves the right to admit or not admit organizations based upon these guidelines as well as our mission and by-laws. 

  • Must be involved/communicate with CTCC with updated contact information once a year.  We highly encourage you to report to us names of volunteers of 50 hours/year (if applies)  and use Cranberry Eagle Volunteer profile,  or be involved in at least one CTCC event – Community Days; Community Project of the Year; Holiday Tree Gallery; Community Sign; etc. If we don’t hear from you in a year, your organization’s name will be removed from our membership and you will need to reapply.

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Submit Your App Now

Submitted applications are reviewed monthly by the CTCC board. Following review, CTCC will either approve your membership application, deny your application, or request additional information for further consideration.

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.'

-Charles Dickens

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