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Leaf Angels Needed

Before snow and slush starts filling streets and sidewalks, Cranberry’s residents will be battling pesky leaves.

And for those needing assistance raking and collecting the colorful yet frustrating signs of the pending winter weather, Cranberry Township has a solution.

The Leaf Angel Program aims to match local volunteers to Cranberry Township residents who need assistance. The application for volunteers opens October 2, with applications for assistance opening October 9.

The program is a perfect opportunity to acquire volunteer hours for sports teams, schools, businesses, or individuals. Volunteers can complete a form on the Township website. They must be 15 years or older or accompanied by an adult and are encouraged to work as teams for maximum efficiency. Volunteers will use their own rakes and gloves.

The Township requires that all leaves collected be deposited in yard waste carts or disposed of in biodegradable bags and left at the curb for collections, per Vogel Waste Disposal requirements. No loose leaves or unapproved plastic bags will be accepted. Each resident who applies for assistance will receive five biodegradable leaf bags.

Assistance is based on the number of volunteers who sign up and can be matched with those in need.

To volunteer and request assistance, visit


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