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Member Spotlight: See it to Believe it

Imagine a few basic, day-to-day tasks: checking the mail, driving to work, shopping for groceries, reading this article. Now imagine trying to do any of that without being able to see properly. It’d be a nightmare! For some people, however, that nightmare is their everyday reality.

It’s estimated that over 2 billion people across the globe are in need of eyecare but lack the means to access it – meaning roughly 1 in every 4 people have to get through each day without proper vision.

Seeing such an urgent need for help, the Cranberry Area Lions Club knew they wanted to lend a hand, which is why they’ve been collecting prescription glasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses at eight different locations across the township. So far, the Club has collected and donated well over 40,000 pairs of glasses to Mission Vision, an international non-profit that provides comprehensive eyecare to low income and disadvantaged communities.

With each donated pair of glasses, Cranberry Lions Club and Mission Vision are able to help people of all ages and walks of life. Glasses could be the key to a child succeeding in school, a struggling adult getting back on their feet, or a senior maintaining their independence.

But collecting glasses isn’t the only way Cranberry Lions are helping the visually impaired. Over the years, Cranberry Lions have held countless events and collected generous donations for the Butler County Blind Association, whose mission is to provide support to the visually impaired through life skills training, education, and advocacy. On top of that, proceeds from the Lion’s annual Family Mini-Golf Outing go towards Leader Dogs for the Blind, an organization that works to enhance visually impaired people’s quality of life by pairing them with guide dogs.

With so many projects on their plate, the Cranberry Lions Club is always looking for new members! Become a Lion today by visiting


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