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Member Spotlight: Soaring Saviors

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…scratch that, it’s a flock of birds – and they’re coming from Stormy Oaks Nature Conservancy!

Situated on 14 acres of farmland, Wildbird Recovery’s Stormy Oaks Nature Conservancy serves as the singular wildlife rehabilitation center in Butler County, and has been providing exceptional rehabilitation services to wild birds from across western Pennsylvania for over two decades.

From tiny songbirds to gigantic vultures, Stormy Oaks is equipped to care for a wide range of birds – in fact, just this past year, they were able to save a red-tailed hawk who had gotten all knotted up in a kite string. Dubbed Saxony, the hawk received some much-needed TLC in the care of Stormy Oaks, and thanks to their efforts, she was able to take flight once more after only a month of rehab.

This story is only one of many for Wildbird Recovery though, thanks to their impressive 23 years of service. But their work doesn’t end there. On top of their stellar rehabilitation services, Stormy Oaks offers numerous educational programs to anyone looking to learn more about all things nature and wildlife.

For the young nature scholar, their Storytime at Stormy Oaks series invites kids to participate in a number of classes centered around a particular animal theme. Guests enjoy listening to a story about the animal of the week, partake in a fun activity, and have the chance to meet an educational animal friend.

And for homeschooled students, Stormy Oaks provides a one-of-a-kind experience through their seasonal homeschool series, where students can learn about anything from the nocturnal lives of bats to the behavior of bees.

But their educational efforts aren’t just geared towards kids. As a part of their mission to get everyone in on the conservation efforts, Stormy Oaks offers an array of programs to interested participants of all ages, including Beginning Birding, which provides all the basics needed to start an adventure in bird spotting, and Backyard Ecosystems, where participants learn how to attract native birds via flora and feeders. They even offer a chance to meet one of the many educational feathered friends in their care, such as their American kestrel, Orion, or their eastern screech owl, Aragon, who both serve as ambassadors for their species.

They say birds of a feather flock together – and Wildbird Recovery are always looking to expand their flock! To learn more, fly on over to


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