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Spirit of Giving: Local Donations Made

Several donations to and from Cranberry Township Community Chest and various community organizations once again prove the spirit of giving that exists in the Township.

Throughout the course of 2023 Community Days, volunteers from the Grace Project, Cranberry Township Area Lions Club, and the Cranberry Sunrise and Noon Rotary Clubs parked thousands of cars for the event. For their efforts, CTCC donated more than $6,000 to those organizations.

Meanwhile, a new Community Days feature helped pour more funds into the organization’s initiative.

Cranberry Township Sunrise Rotary operated a craft ale garden during the three-day festival, offering attendees a chance to enjoy craft beers in a fenced-in area near the Rotary Amphitheater. Proceeds from the ale garden were recently donated to CTCC, with the Sunrise and Noon Rotary Clubs each donating $2,000.

The 2024 edition of Community Days is set for July 11-13, 2024. For more information, visit


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