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Great Lawn Fundraising Efforts Kick Off

For more than 30 years, the Municipal Center has been the epicenter of activity in Cranberry.

With work to renovate the space ongoing, the activity is at a fever pitch within the walls of the Township’s community gathering space. But all the fun isn’t relegated to the building itself, as early work has begun on the Cranberry Township Community Chest’s Great Lawn Project.

The project was announced in 2022, with Armstrong signing on as the title sponsor. Being completed in step with the Municipal Center Renovation, the Great Lawn project will construct an environmentally conscience gathering space focused on passive recreation, expand pedestrian connections, and create a traditional town center in which the community can gather and grow together.

As proven during past projects, the Cranberry community understands the impact such endeavors have on the community. It also knows that any support goes a long way toward making a vision become a reality.

CTCC is seeking sponsors and donations as work on the Great Lawn continues. Such financial contributions not only support the brick-and-mortar aspect of this effort, but more importantly the creation of a community centerpiece that will bring people together.

To learn more or to donate, visit


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