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As the Cranberry Township Community Chest 2023 Project of the Year, the Armstrong Great Lawn Project will tie the Municipal Center to the rest of the community by creating a pedestrian-friendly shared space.

Project of the Year 2023-2024:

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For decades, Cranberry Township has been a hub of activity.

Situated at the crossroads of major thruways, careful planning and strategic growth has helped the Township enjoy a steady, prosperous rise to become the center of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Now, the Township is looking to create a center of its own.

As the Cranberry Township Community Chest 2023 Project of the Year, the Armstrong Great Lawn Project will tie the Municipal Center to the rest of the community by creating a pedestrian-friendly shared space.

Through the construction of a green gathering space, an expansion of pedestrian connections, and upgrades to the building itself, the project will create a traditional town center in which the community can gather and grow together.

Since opening in 1991, the Municipal Center has long served as the de facto “Main Street,” welcoming approximately 264,000 visitors each year. Recent development and expansion projects near the campus make it the perfect time to undertake the project.

“The area surrounding the Municipal Center has grown so much in the last four years,” said Bruce Mazzoni, CTCC President and member of the Township Board of Supervisors. “We see this project as an opportunity to further connect our community through a beautiful, functional gathering space.”

This has set the table for the Great Lawn Project, which will improve Cranberry in multiple ways, including connectivity, passive recreation, and environmental conservation. 

“The Great Lawn will allow our cornerstone events to be more comfortable for our guests,” said Mike Manipole, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “The space will be more visually appealing, allow for better crowd management, and open the door for new events.”

The project also serves as an example of community partnerships creating opportunities, with Armstrong signing on as the title sponsor. It’s a long-standing relationship that has helped form bonds in the community.

“We value the relationship we have developed with both the residents and Township officials,” said Armstrong General Manager Joe Taylor. “This Armstrong Great Lawn project is a reflection of the bond we have formed with the community.”

Ken Ashley, Armstrong’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said the Great Lawn displays both the Township and Armstrong’s commitment to advancing Cranberry, “as a stellar community for families and businesses to live and thrive.”

Perhaps most importantly, Mazzoni said the Great Lawn Project serves to provide a focal gathering space as the centerpiece of the Township.

“The possibilities of the Great Lawn are endless, and we’re incredibly excited to work with the community to make this great dream a grand reality,” he said.

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Going for Greatness:
CTCC Project aims to gather, grow

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Reading in Park


With housing and business options blossoming around Rochester Road, the roadway itself is undergoing a transformation on its own. In addition to lane widening, as well as a planned overhaul of the Turnpike Bridge portion of the road, pedestrian connectivity continues to improve.

Father and Son

Passive Recreation

From golf to swimming and miles of walking, biking, and running trails, Cranberry has endless recreation activities, however, passive recreation is very popular, too. As a passive recreation area, the Great Lawn will offer numerous ways to relax, and enjoy the beauty of Cranberry Township.

Cranberry Township CTCC

Environmental Conservation

Maintaining an environmentally conscience space is a key element of the Great Lawn, as it is a cornerstone of Cranberry’s decision making. This initiative will integrate high-quality, sustainable practices that save money, conserve resources, and improve ecological health.



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